Paul Grothouse Custom Tables and Furniture

Apron Styles

Aprons can be details with a profile to further enhance the design of the table. The profile can be applied to any table shape. An apron with a profile cannot have a silhouette. The height of the apron is typically 4 inches.

Apron Profiles

beaded 1/2-inch bead beaded 1/4-inch bead beaded 1/2-inch roundover
Beaded 1/2" Bead Beaded 1/4" Bead Beaded Roundover
beaded roundover with bead beaded 3/8-inch chamfer
Beaded Roundover w/ Bead Beaded 3/8" Chamfer
Cove with Bead Accent 3/4-inch cove chamfer
Cove w/ Bead Accent 3/4" cove Ogee w/ Bead
Ogee with Notch Pillow Pillow with Bead
Ogee w/ Notch Pillow Pillow w/ Bead
Proud 1/2-inch Bead Proud 1/4-inch Bead Proud Roman
Proud 1/2" Bead Proud 1/4" Bead Proud Medium Roman
Proud 1/2-inch Bead 1/8-inch Roundover 1/4-inch Roundover
Proud Large Roman 1/8" Roundover 1/4" Roundover

Apron Silhouettes

Apron Sillouettes are an ideal way to further enhance the design of a table. Silouettes cannot have an apron profile.

Arched Cutout
Arched Cutout
Step Arched Cutout
Step Arched Cutout
Step Arched Cutout
Reverse Arched Cutout
Step Ogee Cutout
Step Ogee Cutout